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Скачать бесплатно торрент файл Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.9 Stable (2015) PC

1-06-2015, 18:29
Alexey 0 3 318
Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.9 Stable (2015) PC
Название программы: Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Версия программы1.7.9
Последняя Версия программы1.7.9
Адрес официального сайтаmpc-hc project
Язык интерфейса: MULTi / Русский | Русский/Английский/Украинский
Лечение: не требуется

Системные требования:

Media Player Classic Home Cinema – удобный во всех планах мультимедийный проигрыватель. Он построен на базе классического плеера Media Player Classic и одного из лучших наборов медиа-кодеков ffdshow, и благодаря этому может проигрывать многие форматы видео и аудио файлов без установки внешних кодеков. Этот плеер имеет большое количество различных функциональных возможностей: он умеет воспроизводить DVD диски, умеет аппаратно декодировать популярный формат H.264 на видеокартах последнего поколения, умеет корректно работать со вторым монитором (телевизором), поддерживает различные виды субтитров, умеет работать с форматами QuickTime и RealVideo и т.д. Плеер имеет небольшой размер и полностью понятный и не перегруженный излишними функциями интерфейс, переведенный на 14 языков. Имеет полную совместимость с Windows XP и Windows Vista/7.

Основные возможности:
Воспроизведение VCD, SVCD и DVD без установки дополнительных кодеков.
Воспроизведение AudioCD.
Воспроизведение Real Media и QuickTime (если в системе установлены соответствующие кодеки)
Воспроизведение файлов любых форматов, поддерживающих DirectShow, например, DivX, XviD, H.264.
Воспроизведение и захват видео с TV-тюнер-ов.
Воспроизведение Macromedia Flash-роликов, при наличии установленного ActiveX плагина, с возможностью перемотки.
Произвольное перемещение и масштабирование изображения.
Поддержка систем управления WinLirc и uICE.
Поддержка командной строки.
Возможность настройки горячих клавиш.
Сохранение декодированного потока (например, MPEG2 с защищенных DVD).
Просмотр фильмов в разрешении, отличном от текущего.
Возможность воспроизведения второй звуковой дорожки (в любом поддерживаемом формате).
Воспроизведение поврежденных AVI-файлов
Поддержка всех современных форматов мультимедийных файлов, среди них: WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, SND, AU, AIF, AIFC, AIFF, MIDI, MPEG,
Поддержка субтитров.

Изменения в версии:
+ New Bengali and Tatar translations
+ Support for opening "icyx://" stream URLs
+ Ticket #2348/#3583, Automatically refresh the information bar and title bar so that the correct information
is always shown for streaming (e.g. online radios)
+ Ticket #4043, Statistic: Show playback rate for audio files
If MPC-HC is configured to override the splitter choice when doing the initial track selection,
tracks selected at splitter level will be preferred in case more than one tracks match the criteria
The "Jump to" menu has been split in several smaller submenus displayed in the "Navigate" menu
depending on the media currently playing
The internal LAV Splitter will now be used by default to demux AviSynth s instead of using the old VFW interface.
Note that AviSynth is still required even if LAV Splitter is used
Cleaned up WebUI's Java code
Updated SoundTouch to v1.8.0
Updated Little CMS to v2.6 (git 40300b1)
Updated Unrar to v5.1.2
Updated MediaInfoLib to v0.7.68
Updated ZenLib to v0.4.29 r456
Updated LAV Filters to stable version 0.61.2:
- LAV Audio: Improve error recovery on slightly corrupted audio streams
- LAV Video: Fix a rare crash that could occur for high resolutions
- LAV Video: Fix artifacts on some H264 streams with both software and DXVA decoding
- LAV Splitter: Support ShoutCast metadata
- LAV Video: Various improvements for DXVA support (native and copy-back)
- LAV Splitter: Fix the opening of some Blu-ray discs which would take several minutes and could hang the player
- Ticket #4035, LAV Video: Some frames were dropped when playing RealVideo files
- Ticket #4057, LAV Splitter: Some WAV files were incorrectly detected as DTS
Updated Armenian, Basque, British English, Catalan, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Czech, French,
Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian,
Russian, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese translations
! Properties dialog: Some tracks could have been missing from the streams list
! Fix incorrectly displayed OSD in case the message contained the character '&'. Also make top-left and
top-right OSD size consistent and improve the behavior when the text is too big to be displayed entirely
! VMR-7 renderless: subtitles were not displayed except in fullscreen
! Ensure dynamic menus dependent on the currently playing media are updated when the media changes while a menu is opened
! DVB subtitles: Subtitles were sometimes only partially rendered with some parts disappearing immediately
! DVB and PGS subtitles: Subtitles were sometimes one frame late. This was invisible most of the time,
but it could produce blinking in some cases
! ISR: Crop PGS and DVB subtitles if they don't fit into the video frame
! ISR/VSFilter: Use correct colorimetry information for PGS and DVB subtitles
! ISR: Subtitles could be partially rendered when using no subtitle queue
! ISR: Text subtitles were incorrectly displayed after switching from PGS/DVB subtitles
! PGS subtitles: Subtitles being displayed just after seeking could be wrong
! Ticket #1814, Vobsub: Support animated subtitles (with fade in/out)
! Ticket #2588, Subtitle renderer: The subtitles' shadow was not drawn when their border was very thin
! Ticket #2773, Subtitle renderer: Fix possible artifacts when using karaoke effects
! Ticket #2994, Fix toolbar separators not being properly painted
! Ticket #3296, Fix WebUI controls.html error due to unescaped file path
! Ticket #3437, Audio Switcher: Support fallback to another media type. For example, this allows audio decoders
to fallback to normal decoding if bitstreaming isn't supported
! Ticket #3544, Prevent the low-merit fall-back on internal LAV Splitter to demux raw subtitle formats
! Ticket #3691, PGS subtitle timings were sometimes wrong (subtitles started or ended too late)
! Ticket #3763, VMR-9 renderless and EVR-CP: The displayed subtitle was not updated when seeking while playback was paused
! Ticket #3775, "Play -> Subtitles" menu could be mistakenly disabled when the internal subtitle renderer was unavailable
! Ticket #3980/#4037, Exiting fullscreen sometimes produced visual artifacts
! Ticket #3987, Entering fullscreen when MPC-HC window occupied the whole monitor produced visual artifacts
! Ticket #3999, Work around a crash in the math library for x64 builds
! Ticket #4004, Fullscreen/windowed transition was not as smooth as in 1.7.1 and prior
! Ticket #4011, Fix image saving for streams with characters not supported in path names
! Ticket #4013, Subtitle renderer: Fix a crash on malformed animated transforms ("t" tags with no parameters)
! Ticket #4020, Update dialog: Fix incorrect version info when using Belarusian, Slovenian or Russian translations
! Ticket #4050, MPC-HC could crash when loading invalid DVB channel settings
! Ticket #4070, Restore compatibility with KatMouse
! Ticket #4079, The "Save image/thumbnails" path was cut off in the status bar
! Ticket #4082, Fullscreen window was misplaced sometimes after monitor mode autochange
! Ticket #4116, "Snap to desktop edges" option wasn't working correctly
! Ticket #4128, Moving mouse over tooltips in fullscreen hid the toolbar under some circumstances
! Ticket #4141, Subtitles were incorrectly displayed in DVD and DVB mode when using the internal subtitle renderer and madVR
! Ticket #4141, DVD subtitles were always re-enabled when clicking on a menu entry related to external subtitles
! Ticket #4163, Shaders option page: the buttons' icons were missing on Windows XP
! Ticket #4173, ASS/SSA subtitles: Fix a possible infinite loop during parsing

Особенности RePack & Portable by KpoJIuK:
Тип: установка, распаковка portable
Языки: английский, русский, украинский
Лечение: не требуется (программа бесплатна)
Вырезано: прочие локализации
Разрядность: автоматическое определение 32-bit / 64-bit
Дополнительно: простенький тулбар управления
Подхват настроек из файлов mpc-hc(64).ini / Settings.reg

Ключи командной строки:
Тихая установка обычной версии: /S /I
Распаковка портативной версии: /S /P
Выбор места установки: /D=ПУТЬ
Ключ /D=ПУТЬ следует указывать самым последним
Например: файл_установки.exe /S /D=C:MyProgram


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